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  • Admission Open for 2019-2020

Shri Guru Harkrishan Convent School

Under the Management of Shri Guru Harkrishan Education & Charitable Society

Rules And Regulations

1. The child must carry his/her diary to school everyday.
2. Schools must come to school neatly dressed, in their complete school uniform.
3. Self-students are expected to reach the school at least 10 minutes before the start time. Frequent late-comers will be sent home.
4. Irregular attendance, neglect of home work, diobedient conduct, and behaviour will be seriously dealt with.
5. Bullying and using foul language are against school rules. Strict action will be taken against the offenders.
6. Students are not permitted to bring objectionable material to school e.g. magazines, transistors, video games, mobile phones & electronic gadgets etc.
7. Parents should ensure that the tiffin box, school bag, pencil box, water bottle, blazer, books etc. bear the name of the child. The school will not be responsible for things that are lost.
8. Students are not permitted to wear ornaments and expensive wrist watches. The girls who have got their ears pierced, will wear only small studs.
9. Children must develop respect for the school property and material. Any kind of damage to the school property will have to be compensated by the offender.
10. Students will not be allowed to make or receive phone calls except in case of an emergency.
11. Students must be picked up punctually after school hours. The school cannot be held responsible for the safety of any pupil beyond that period.
12. Kindly do not approach the staff members for extra coaching or tuitions.
13. Students mustcarry text books/note books according to the given time table.
14. Kindly send a diary note for any conformation to the educator and refer the reception.


1. a) Leave will be sanctioned only against the prescribed leave application form.
b) No child shall be permitted to leave early unless a medical emergency.
c) Medical leave will only be granted on provision of a medical certificate by a competent authority.
d) A student suffering from any infectious disease must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to the class, after submitting a medical fitness certificate from a competent authority.
2. The affected child would not be allowed to come to school even if there is an examination.
a) Chicken Pox – Till complete falling of scabs.
b) Cholera – Till the child is completely well.
c) Measles –Two weeks after the rash disappears.
d) Mumps – Until the swelling has gone.
e) Whooping Cough – Six Weeks
3. Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than five consecutive days, renders the pupil liable to have his/her name struck-off the school rolls. Re-admission will be considered only on payment of admission fee again and re-assurance of the same not being repeated, by the Parents.
4. Students absent on the first day of the session are likely to lose their seat unless a prior written application giving valid reasons for absence is rendered to the school.