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Shri Guru Harkrishan Convent School

Under the Management of Shri Guru Harkrishan Education & Charitable Society

Academic Structure

Other Important Information

First Term: April To September
Second Term: October To March
Formative Assessment 40% weightage
Summmative Assessment 60% weightage
April - May Formative I MT + Activity + Worksheet + CAP 10%
July – August Formative II MT + Activity + Worksheet + CAP 10%
September Summative I First Term Examination 30%
October – November Formative III MT + Activity + Worksheet + CAP 10%
January – February Formative IV MT + Activity + Worksheet + CAP 10%
March Summative II Final Examination
CAP : Computer Aided Presentation/Project/Collage.

- Formative Assessment :

Formative Assessment is carried out by the teacher to monitor the learner’s progress continuously is a non-threatening, friendly and supportive environment. It involves regular description, feedback, chance for the students to reflect on their performance, take advice and improve upon it. This scholastic assessment is carried out during a course of instruction for providing continuous feedback to teachers and the learners. The assessment includes oral questions, conversational skills, projects, assignments, quizzes and research work.

- Summative Assessment :

Summative Assessment is carried out at the end of the term. It measures how much a student has learnt from the coarse. It will be marked/graded. The 100 marks questions paper shall include MCQs, shortanswer questions and long answer questions.
● Values
● Scientific skills
● Performing Arts
● Sports
● Literary and Creative Skills
● Aesthetic skills
● Club
● Life Skills (Critical thinking skills, Social skills and Emotional skills)
● Attitude (towards teachers, schoolmates, school programs and the environment)